Visiting the Cambridge Modular Layout , Jan. 19/ 2003

    During the Paris Model Railway Train show in Paris Ontario I was fortunate to have trackage rights on the Cambridge Modular Layout. After talking with some of the member, it cam to my attention that this group will not be in exsistance after the Toronto 2003 NMRA tour. I'm glad I got the opportunity to run on their rails.

If you notice the buildings, this layout is based apon the Cambridge area. It was once three cities, Gult, Hespler, and Preston. I'm not familar with the area, but you might be able to recognize some of the structures. Let me know if you do!

I was really hoping to get a picture of the Norfolk Southern going through the bridges, but...

I think my locomotive are a bit to clean for this layout. Maybe I should consider some weathering.

I tried taking this picture through the trees on the layout. It was only an experiment...

The rules on this layout require me to stop at the crossing and have it protected by my conductor. It's no big deal, I'm just use to going more then sixty mile per hour on a mainline.

Opps, its not a crossing, oh well. It was good stop stop anyways. It gave be time to dip into my lunch pail. I guess we should have had a Cambridge engineer on board.

The senery is just fantastic on the layout. THis is what I need more of on my layout. If you have any skills in this area, maybe you can help me with my layout?

No, I have not finished my lunch yet.

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