Thank you for your interest in Automatic Train Control.

    We are continually looking for sponsors for Automatic Train Control.


    My goal is to allow the general internet public to operate trains across the internet.


    My expenses associated with Automatic Train Control and internet locomotive control are:

        rent for housing a modular layout;

       hydro-electric power; to operate a digital command control layout with computers, room lighting
       high speed internet connection; the system needs to be on for the public to enjoy
       cost of equipment and maintenance; routers, computers and peripherals, digital command control equipment, sound decoders, decoders, locomotive, rolling stock
       improvements to the experience; adding backdrops, trees, buildings, and other effects
       shipping; costs associated in operating other layouts remotely across the nation
       monthly specials; giving prizes to draw more model railroaders


    As a sponsor, I'm asking that you contribute to the financial expenses.  And in return I will provide the following:
        we provide banner advertising on the web page (see advertisements to the right).
            advertising is a flashed bit mapped image 263 by 167 pixels
            you will be sharing  with other sponsors
       we provide banner advertising in the software (identical to the web pages)
          people using the software to remote control the locomotives will see the same banner ads as on the web page
       we solely use products as a demonstration of fine model railroad
         we used;
             only Woodland Scenes for trees, roadbed, and ballast
             only Shinohara #8 code 83 turnouts
             only Atlas code 83 flax track for mainline
             only Kato locomotive for operating the software
             all products used are visible on the model layout vie the live video/audio feed
             exclusive rights would be given to those provide product for construction of model railroading
       we will provide you with free copies of Automatic Train Control to give to your customers, friends, as a gift (not to be sold)
       we will provide monthly prizes for users of Automatic train Control, to promote safe operations and sponsorship
       we provide advertising at  model train shows demonstrating our software and your sponsorship
        we provide free copies of Automatic Train Control at model train shows


    I hope you will seriously consider helping sponsor Automatic Train Control.
    I believe it has become a valuable feature for operating trains over the internet while expressing your involvement on the project as a sponsor.

    Please email  me at for details. I'll be greatful to assist you with any questions you might have.

    Darrin J. Calcutt
    Canadian Locomotive Logistics, developer of
    Automatic Train Control