Now for the plea...

    I love model railroading and the prototypical acts of train movements. This is why I created Automatic Train Control. Now five years have gone by, and its finally its shaping up to be something great! I can only imagine what it will look like in another five years.
    I am continuing to make Automatic Train Control, Lite Version, for free, but it as occurred some expenses for the custom control used. Automatic Train Control, the Full Version, is not free. Please, if you can help with the finances, please contribute something.

    The follow people I would like to publicly acknowledge as they have contributed larger funds to cover the cost of the program.

Donator's Name




Jim Lawson

Hugo, Minnesota,  United States

December, 2003


William. M. Chapman

Meridian, Indiana, United States

December, 2003

Terry Srys United States
April, 2004
Donald Wood
Florida, United States
April 2004
Charles Yelvington Florida, United States
August 2004

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