We are adding new decoders to the program all the time. Unfortunately, I don't use all the decoders available. So it you have a decoder not listed, please send the the instruction sheet and I would be happy to add it to the database. It's not hard at all, it just requires alittle typing to enter in a description of the specific decoder configuration variables.
    Its been a while since I have added any new decoder; I have been concentrating on other new options in rthe program. As the new year goes on, I'll be placing more decoders in the data base. I'll also be modifying the database shortly to accomodate more configuration varibles (configuration variabes not currently set by the National Model Railroader Associates).

    Again, if you have a manual or a pdf file of a decoder not listed, please forward it to me. Lets complete this section of the program!

Compact Disque Version

Decoder Manufacturer

Decoder Name and Version

Date Last Modified in Program/Author

DMD Version 342
July 14, 2004 /djc

North Coast Engineering

D13SR - Version 3.2

April 30,2003 /djc

D14SRP - Version 3.2

April 30, 2003 /djc

D15SR - Version 3.2

May 5, 2003 /djc

D408SR - Version 3.2

May 27, 2003 /djc

DA-SR - Version 3.2`

May 28, 2003 /djc

KRS-SR Version 3.2

May 31, 2003 /djc

P2K-SR Version 3.2

June 5, 2003 /djc

SW9-SR Version 3.2

June 5, 2003 /djc

D13SRJ Version 3.5
July 17, 2004 /djc

D14SR Version 3.5
July 20, 2004 /djc

Train Control System

T1 - Version 161

April 30, 2003 /djc

T1 - Version 18

April 30, 2003 /djc

M1 - Version Unknown

July 21, 2003 /djc

Throttle Up (Soundtraxx)


May 31, 2003 /djc